A Complete Dam Seismic Management Platform


Kinemetrics Management Infrastructure Platform for Dams

KMIDam is a complete platform designed to Immediately understand the impact of seismic events on your structures, eliminate guesswork, and enable better informed decision making to ensure safe and compliant operations and response during emergency situations.

Managing Emergency Response More Effectively

Catastrophic consequences result from dam failures due to earthquakes, making reliable assessment of dam safety indispensable, even in regions with low seismicity.

Decisions during an emergency situation are too important to make without the right information. Targeting response to the correct actions can be difficult, especially when time and accuracy are critical. In these situations, real-time information on potentially damaging ground motion is crucial to initiating the proper emergency response procedures. 

Is the facility safe? Are structural evaluations required? How do you know?

Is real-world data driving your decision-making process?

Reliable observation of structural behavior before, during, and after an earthquake is required to fully assess safety, validate design assumptions, and predict the earthquake resistance of dams.

What if you had continual easy access to all the information required to responsibly manage your entire portfolio of dams?

Maximizing Situational Awareness

KMIDam puts a complete Earthquake Response Platform under your control.

Manage your portfolio of dams with a combination of smart sensing technology, real-time processing, and predictive computations. Automated information tools deliver a solution tailored to your unique needs to ensure safe and compliant operational continuity.

Situational Awareness

Immediately understand the impact of seismic events on your structures to eliminate guesswork and enable better informed decision making

Digital Twinning

Understand gradual changes to your structures to address their impact before they become costly problems

Reservoir Induced Seismicity

Monitor the impact of reservoirs on the seismicity of surrounding regions

Compliant Operations

Achieve and maintain compliance with local regulations

Understand the Status of Your Structures

Earthquake Impact Alerts (EIA)

During a seismic event, KMIDam EIA detects on-site shaking and automatically provides alerts on the exceedance of design performance criteria for an immediate understanding of the possible impact on the dam site, structures, and facilities. Information from sensors and real-time calculations provide actionable information on the level of impact, and the required response steps.

Structural Health & Performance Monitoring (SHPM)

KMIDam SHPM performs automated structural assessments to provide continuous information, rapid notifications and state of health reports by leveraging a combination of smart sensing technology and predictive engineering computations. The better you understand the long-term performance of your dams, the better prepared you are to make management decisions and react to changing needs before they become costly.

Reservoir Induced Seismicity Monitoring (RIS)

KMIDam RIS enables you to monitor the seismicity beneath and around the dam and correlate it to reservoir level variations. This information provides a comprehensive view of how changing water levels influence regional seismic activity, and helps you more completely understand the impact to the surrounding region.

Multi-Asset Command & Control System (CCS)

KMIDam CCS provides a redundant high-end data center that houses tools for monitoring the state-of-health of all deployed hardware, real-time data acquisition, and processing software systems with automated reporting and dissemination functions.

In addition, KMIDam can be integrated with existing distributed control systems via standard communications protocols. This minimizes the time and effort required to implement and commission KMIDam within your facilities. 

A Trusted Platform for Dam Management

The KMIDam platform was designed specifically to meet the needs of Dam owners and operators. We review your facility needs and compliance requirements to ensure that you have the documentation you need to address internal procedures and external regulations.

Deployed in dozens of environmental monitoring and dam networks, KMIDam delivers the information you need to meet the needs of all your stakeholders. Having all relevant information at your fingertips provides increased confidence in your operational procedures, the safety of your dams, and your overall dam management decisions. 

Dam Safety Group

As a founding member of the Dam Safety Group, Kinemetrics is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the needs of its customers. Kinemetrics has delivered effective solutions for dam operators for decades, and the KMIDam platform demonstrates its commitment to driving the technologies and solutions for this market into the future.

A Kinemetrics Product

Since 1969, Kinemetrics and its subsidiaries have been the global market leaders in designing technology platforms, products, and solutions for monitoring earthquakes and their effects on people and structures. Our products represent the de facto standard to which other products are compared.

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